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Pope’s Hypocritical Stance Towards Indigenous Americans Opens New Wounds by Randy Woodley

Randy Woodley on Pope Francis’ address to congress

Ethnic Space Blog

In speaking of immigration to US Congress today, Pope Francis said:

Tragically, the rights of those who were here long before us were not always respected. For those people, and the nations, from the heart of American democracy, we affirm my highest esteem and appreciation. Those first contacts were often turbulent and violent, but…” lifting his face from the script and looking out into the crowd he said, “ we know it’s very difficult to judge the past by the criteria of the present.” The, wait for it…yes, the congress applauds.

Honorable Pope Francis, may I express to you the age-old lesson that history repeats itself? People and governments repeat the “sins and the errors of the past” by not fully dealing with their responsibilities in the past. Your casual reference to the sins of America’s past, never even naming our peoples as First Nations, Native Americans or Indigenous peoples…

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Evangelical Eschatology Experiment

This video is an experiment to tailor eschatology for an evangelical audience. A pastor requested that I customize my previous EndTimes theory to a specific crowd.

Let me know what you think!  I’m afraid that it comes off like a 3 hour class crammed into 12 minutes … because that is exactly the case … four-horses

Switched to YouTube

Just wanted to let you know that I have started a YouTube channel in preparation for this Fall’s big launch of the new project! You can see the 10 minute videos from this Summer’s ‘Faith Basics’ series on:th

If you are looking for audio stuff – here is a sermon I did on John 3:16 and the phrase ‘Born Again’  or you can always check out the Loft LA podcast.

Studies are going well and exams have been schedule for October/November – then I will unveil the new project!    Thanks for all the support and ongoing engagement.

10 minutes on Afterlife

Life after death, the afterlife or the hereafter provide a major focus for some people’ interest in religion.

Here are some of my thoughts about the historical development and ongoing progress on our the way imagine eternity and the poetics involved. Nov20sw1

At the end is a constructive, innovative proposal of how we can address this major topic.

10 Minutes on End Times

10 minutes on End Times!

Here are 4 things that you will want to reference:

1) Best book on Revelation: Chalice Commentary by Farmer it will become your favorite

2) Partial reasoning of the 1968-1973 change: Continue reading “10 Minutes on End Times”

10 Minutes on Religion

Religion is a tricky subject. Many assume that they know what it means while others have decided to reduce religion to fantasy in order to dismiss it.

The hope is to move from an either-or model of ‘true’ or ‘false’ to a “web of meaning”.

My theory is that at least 5 elements contribute the web of meaning. This moves us away from an either/or model of ‘antiquated myth’ or ‘divine revelation’.

5 elements are:

  • Experience
  • Formation
  • Event
  • Mystery
  • potentially something RealRoadPortraitSunsetD&B

This last one is always the most difficult. Those who are sure (fundamentalist, foundational) dislike the ‘potential’ qualifier. Those who dismiss religion are suspicious of the potential of something ‘real’.

Once we get rid of the false either/or choices we are free to think about what is going on in religion.

I look forward to your comments, questions and concerns.

10 Minutes on Holy Spirit

Faith Basics continues with 10 minutes on Holy Spirit – from Prophets to Pentecost!

10 min on Holy Spirit from Bo Sanders on Vimeo.

Our 6 topics are: Pentecpstspiritumsanctam

  • Words
  • Bible
  • Shape
  • Scope
  • Fruit
  • Gifts

Let me know any questions, concerns or comments you have and we will tackle them.

Quick Bib on Theological Education

My friend Brekke was looking for a cross-cultural bibliography on religious education.  Here is my quick list.  I would love to hear your additions – since my most recent book is 2005!old-books-300x203


Breckenridge, James F., and Lillian Breckenridge. What Color Is Your God?: Multicultural Education in the Church. Victor Books, 1995.

Engen, John H. Van. Educating People of Faith: Exploring the History of Jewish and Christian Communities. Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing, 2004.

Foster, Charles R., and Lisa Dahill. Educating Clergy: Teaching Practices and the Pastoral Imagination. Jossey-Bass, 2005.

Miller, Randolph Crump. Theologies of Religious Education. Monograph Collection (Matt – Pseudo), 1995.

Wheeler, Barbara G., and Edward Farley. Shifting Boundaries: Contextual Approaches to the Structure of Theological Education. Westminster John Knox Press, 1991.

10 Minutes on Jesus

Jesus was unique in human history. Here are 4 splits that help us frame that conversation:Jesus icon

  • Christ/Jesus
  • Divine/Human
  • Eternal/Time
  • Type/Degree

The video below is my 10 minute take on Christology.

I am in the final week of my study break – so let me know your thoughts, concerns or questions and we can tackle them next week!

10 Min on Jesus from Bo Sanders on Vimeo.

Jesus was unique in human history. Here are 4 splits that help frame our understanding: Christ/ Jesus, Divine/ Human, Eternal/ Time, Type/ Degree

10 Minutes on God

The Bible post from last week was a hit – so here is a 10 minute summary of our ‘Faith Basic’ class on God.

10 Min on God from Bo Sanders on Vimeo.

My 5 categories – in descending order of intensity:

  1. Supernatural Agent
  2. Cosmic/Eternal Being
  3. Ground of Being
  4. The Go(o)d
  5. Hopes & Dreams – Event

If you want to read more on Perichoresis check out last Summer’s post from the ABC’s of TheologyP-Perichoresis

Later  I’ll post some good ‘God Books’ and then I will be back next week with 10 minutes on Jesus.

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