I live in Portland, Oregon.
I am an innovator and theologian currently pastoring a church with the United Methodist (UMC).



I grew up a Billy Graham-style evangelical but was for too interested in theological exploration and had to migrate about 12 years ago. I have pastored 4 churches in 3 different denominations and I am a podcaster.

I did my PhD work at Claremont School of Theology. I was a visiting professor at my former seminary last year. Then I took on a small congregation in Portland and experimented with a hybrid model of ecclesiology (interactive church) that I had cooked up when I was in Los Angeles where I helped start the Loft LA.

I have been married for 25 years.
I just bought a house within walking distance of my work so that I can experiment with the Inhabit idea (new parish) that is centered in the Pacific NW.

I have a book coming out with my mentor and friend (Randy Woodley) which is a conversation between decolonial indigenous (Randy) and postmodern critical (me) perspectives.

My dissertation is a critical race theory about diversity in denominational leadership.

This blog is to innovate theological concepts and engage new ideas.

I basically blog about 2 things: innovation church and theology for the 21st century

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