Posted in December 2011

Hurting at the Holidays

This really moved me to pray for and remember those who are sick and hurting during the Holiday Season. The following is a note from a formerly famous quarterback. He won all the awards and played in the NFL. When it was over he went work for a ministry in New Orleans (Desire Street Ministries) … Continue reading

Sorting through the ‘super’ natural

Sorting through the ‘super’ natural

Mike Horn asked a great question on the Tim Tebow post this week: I was hoping you could elaborate more on this … 1) What are the “interventionist assumptions behind a supernatural world view?; 2) the antiquated relics of a pre-modern understanding, which are untenable in the 21st century? I read the “pentecost for progressives” … Continue reading

Talking about Tebow’s God

This is a repost from Homebrewed Christianity. There was a wild discussion that ensued. I thought I would bring it over here as well – in case anyone wanted to have quieter conversation. I have held off as long as I could but I think we better talk about this now before it goes any … Continue reading

Winter Break Reading

I have 35 days from this Monday (when I turn in my last paper) and when school restarts in January.  I’m going to try and engage these 17 books – some of which I have read before and some of which are new to me. No Rising Tide by Rieger (Economics & Theology) Discovering an … Continue reading