Posted in May 2011

Freedom Isn’t Free

On this holiday when we remember those who served and died, there are so many interesting things that get presented and portrayed in regards to our national storyline. Some of them are valiant and deep, others are pithy and cliched. There is one, however, that gets used pretty flippantly and after I hear it a … Continue reading

The Hangover: Rapture edition

Here is a newspaper report and interview with Harold Camping:Washington Post article The thing that people seem to be feeling bad about is that some gullible individuals got duped. I am sympathetic with the mild compassion. But I think that there is something far more sinister and devastating that we should be piping mad about … Continue reading

The world is not ending

Here are some collected thoughts about the events of the week: IF we don’t know how to read the books of the Bible within their genre, AND we were taught that time is scripted from the beginning, THEN it makes sense why people are so fascinated with the end of the world.

It’s a bad way … Continue reading

Week of Videos

Here are the Videos of the Week: #4 Driscoll yelling at Easter #3 Bill Maher on Bin Laden and the Christian response (bad words included) #2 The Rapture is this Saturday and Some Grey Bloke wants to share some wisdom now, those were funny – but here is a real, sincere, and thought provoking one: … Continue reading

John Cobb: what went wrong with the Mainline?

Last week I was editing the 101st episode of Homebrewed Christianity. It was a conversation primarily between Paul Capetz and John Cobb. It was a fantastic theological dialogue … and then then subject turned toward practical matters. What happened to the Mainline church? Why is it in such decline? It turns out the answer, according … Continue reading

The work of God’s Spirit

This was a post on a blog from earlier this week: Hey Bo! First, in what ways have you changed the WAY you talk about the Spirit’s work in light of “the 21st century update”? Examples? Secondly, in what ways do you talk about the Spirit’s work SPECIFICALLY in order for it to be a … Continue reading