Posted in February 2011

>Friday Follow up: thoughts on following

>What a great week of discussion! After honing this down a bit, I wanted to post it and get some thoughts: In John 14:6, when Jesus says  “I am the way”  – that Jesus’ way is the humility that we see in John 13 (washing the disciples’ feet) When he says “I am the truth” – … Continue reading

Perfect Theology?

Here is a fun (weird) conversation I had the other day. My friend and I are from very similar backgrounds. We both come from a type of church that would classified as charismatic – even if it is mildly so. In our circles there is a very popular preacher on the west coast that tons … Continue reading

>Black Women, Jews and Hindus

>We need to address how we read the Bible. There is a whole study of how we interact with and interpret texts – it’s called Hermeneutics. Many of us (most? ) are taught one way to read the Bible – that can be devotionally, ‘literally’ *  or allegorically, etc. There are many ways of reading … Continue reading

From Men to Boys

Masculinity is a fascinating topic. I really am quite intrigued by what it means to ‘be a man’ and how that has changed over the last 200 years. There is a biological component (no doubt) but there is also a really prevalent social component. Masculinity is a construct in flux. I was in College training … Continue reading

>Jesus and Pigs

> There is a problem when it comes to reading the Bible in the modern world.  It’s not that big of a problem – unless we don’t deal with it and then it becomes a huge giant nightmare. Let me say something positive first. I am a fan of everyone having the Bible in their … Continue reading

>We believe in Hope

>I was reading a book the other day and I stumbled onto an interesting idea.  It comes from the great contemporary theologian Miroslav Volf. I am headed to Big Tent Christianity this week and next week will start a series of post on reading the Bible. Here is something to think (and talk) about Jesus … Continue reading

Glee's greatest gift

I know that some people are excited about watching a football game today.  I, alas, am not. My beloved Chicago Bears were eliminated by their dastardly rivals and I have been left with no team to cheer for. But don’t cry for me – I have something to look forward to on TV tonight that … Continue reading

Egypt and Enemies

When news began to surface about the  anti-government protests in Egypt I knew that two things were about to happen: that talk of the end times or the last days would begin to ramp up. That America would find itself in a bit of a pickle. I was right on both accounts.  Within days I … Continue reading