Posted in January 2011

Churchlandia (portland)

I am fascinated by the culture clash that seems to be generated mostly out of BIG churches. I was born in Ohio, raised in Chicago, spent 6 years on the Canadian prairies, married a girl from Montana before moving to NY  and then training for ministry in California. It was in California that I encountered … Continue reading

>Powerful in a different way

>When it come to power, there is no doubt the something has happened to God.  I contend that it is a different kind of power, most go with other explanations. I need to say up front here that I believe in ‘more than you can see’.  Admittedly I am not a big fan of the … Continue reading

Race and Dr. King

I wrote an article for Ethnic Space and Faith (a  project with my friend and mentor Dr. Randy Woodley). I give four snapshots of racial issues : technology, PHDs, Biblical Archeology, and America’s Prisons. Then I reflect on Dr. King’s word that written from a Birmingham jail in 1963.  Here is a quote: The teachings … Continue reading

>Friday Follow Up: the death of Job’s God

>What an amazing week of conversations on the Blog, Facebook and email!  Thank you all for your contributions.  I have much to think about.  Next week we will address the nature of Divine Power. Here are the three things that I want to say:  God is always being incarnated God is always dying God is … Continue reading

Different Kinds of Books

The 100 top selling Christian books of 2010 came out. It is an interesting list. It triggered some thoughts in me. When I was a pastor, I used to joke that despite your best intentions and regardless of what you learned in college, much of what comes across your desk and occupies your time is … Continue reading

>Crucifying Job’s God

>Act 1: Crucifixion is topic that has been written about for centuries. The first 500 years of Christianity were contentious on this issue and 500 years ago it became the source of a major schism between the Protestants and the Catholics. It is currently being hotly debated again – in the publishing industry, on blogs, … Continue reading

Clowns at every Circus

I wrote this as part of another project, but I wanted to post it here in prep for something that I will soon be up to . I exist in a mixed environment – spiritually speaking. It is progressive (not a capital P) and also includes many people who have  ‘emerged’ (not capital E) from … Continue reading

Peter Rollins – a prophet?

I get asked a lot of fun questions. Most come in from my podcast and – I love it. Here is one that I got this week and I thought it would be fun to post part of my answer and see what we see.  Peter Rollins is author of How (Not) to Speak of … Continue reading

>Communing thoughts

>This week we start a new series for the New Year.  Each week will be broken into 3 acts.Act 1 will look toward a Big Tent Christianity perspective.Act 2 will outline where I am currently at on the issue.Act 3 will introduce a new idea that I got from somewhere else. Act 1: Sometimes it … Continue reading

Football Jesus

There is an immense amount of football on the TV this month and the ‘God’ or Jesus of Football players continues to perplex me.   But recently I have found some relief!  A month ago something happened that I can not stop thinking about. Buffalo Bills wide receiver Stevie Johnson dropped a game-winning touchdown in the … Continue reading