Posted in December 2010

I am no Ignatius

Ignatius of Loyola, who founded the Society of Jesus (Jesuit order of the Catholic Church) said “What I see as white, I will believe to be black if the hierarchical Church thus determines it.”   This was #13 of his rules for thinking [link]. I have to admit that I am not Ignatius. I have no … Continue reading

>New Year’s reservations

>There are going to be some changes for me and Everyday Theology in 2011. I am now in a PhD program and I have been trying to get a job. I have been able to get a couple of small part-time jobs for January-February, two of which will affect me publicly and privately. My two … Continue reading

>the value of adding an ‘s’

>Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!  I wish you the very best. It is difficult, to say the least, to give a gift via a blog. Such is the nature of the beast. But if I could give you one thing that would have a big different in this coming year, it would be this: I … Continue reading

Ministry is a privilege

I was reading a book on ministry this week  (Practicing Gospel by Edward Farley) and it spurred three thoughts: When we talk about ministry it is good for us to begin quietly with the humble  admission that firstly, we are called by God. That in itself would be enough. If this were what we were … Continue reading

>Christmas is not Easter

> Christmas is not Easter. They each hold a meaning that is in danger of getting lost when it all collapses into one thing. For the purpose of this conversation, I would like to even pull apart the Crucifixion and the Resurrection. Each of these three is essential, and while there is a unity that … Continue reading

Spirit vs. Letter

I stumbled onto an interesting story while researching my Ethics of Pluralism paper The LA Times examined a case study of a Jewish Center and Synagogue* that wanted to construct a eruv by surrounding a city with monofilament fishing line and designating it as one space. This would allow those participating in the orthodox congregation … Continue reading

>Friday Follow-up: Mary & Jesus

>Harold posted an amazing thought (from Wendell Berry) on the Facebook discussion and I wanted to follow up on it. I had asked: If someone came out with the Magnificat today, do you think that it would be disregarded as a John Lennon style “Imagine” daydream, or dismissed as socialist utopian propaganda, or even disparaged … Continue reading

>Amazed by Mary

>As I go through advent, every year I am amazed again by the faith of Mary. Her confession “may it be unto me as you have said” (Luke 1:38) is breath taking in it’s simplicity and profound in it’s content. The place of faith that she must have been coming from astounds me  – and … Continue reading

>Weekend Roundup

>I put up the podcast (and transcript) called “Big Concern(s)” this past Tuesday and there have been two developments in the conversation that have caused me to think. The initial post was about three things that I think will most impact the Church in the next 50 years. Generations: I am talking about the WWII … Continue reading