Posted in November 2010

>The Kingdom Comes : in 3-D !

>Buried deep in the hot & heavy give and take of this weekend’s conversation – in the fallout of the Friday followup was something that I really believe and don’t want to be lost as comment #10 in a 20 deep running tally.  I have modified it slightly so that it doesn’t read like an … Continue reading

>Jesus is not Violent

> When we talk about God as Christians we are not talking about a generic conception of God. As Christians we believe in a very specific concept of God, one that was most fully revealed in the person and work of Jesus Christ.   For people that believe in Jesus and call themselves Christians, I think … Continue reading

Interesting thought

I had the privilege of being a part of a group called Arrow Leadership [link]. I also got to attend a Young Leaders gathering held by the Laussanne movement [link]. as Laussanne prepared for a massive gathering in South Africa last month, Carson Pue, the president of Arrow, wrote an interesting little article about it. … Continue reading

Thinking about Theology

by Bo Sanders I was really challenged by this post entitled “The New Orthodoxy” on Homebrewed Christianity.  Over the past several years I have grown to have a very different understanding of Theology and indeed the entire theological enterprise than I had before. Here is what I posted there (in the comments): I like how … Continue reading

>Relational Religion

> There are three significant implications for reading the Bible relationally.  The first has to do with prayer.  The second has to do with the original sin.  The third has to do with Pentecost.                  by Bo Sanders Prayer Prayer is a relational thing. We pray for people … Continue reading


> There is a reason that relationship is so central to our religion, to reading the Bible, and to prayer.  We will focus on prayer next week, but this week I wanted to look at the relational aspect of reading the Bible as a tie-in to what we have been talking about for the past … Continue reading

>Religion in America

> I am fascinated by what is going on right now in Global culture and in North America.  There is great research behind what Robert Putnam is saying.     His take on the Culture Shocks from the 60’s, the after-shock reaction of the Religious Right in the 80’s and the current reaction to this by … Continue reading