Posted in September 2010

>words of God in the Bible

>     I stumbled into an interesting conversation a couple of weeks ago and I have been mulling it over in my head. I have mentioned it to a few colleagues of mine and it turns out that I am not the only one who is perplexed by it.      The issue in question … Continue reading

>Follow Up to Relationship

>    I was talking to a new friend who works with minority inmates transitioning into society in the final year of their sentence.  My friend runs a farm so that A) there is a revenue stream and B) the inmates develop practical skills for employment after they are released.     We were talking about the … Continue reading

Roger Olson

1. I love Roger Olson 2. His book  “the Story of Christian Theology” is so helpful.  (and in a narrative style ta boot) 3. His article on being “Post Conservative Evangelical” is  essential reading. 4. His friendship with Stanley Grenz (author of Theology for the Community of God) is inspiring. 5. His review of of … Continue reading


> I posted this quote on Facebook this week “ The Faith began as a relationship. In Athens, it became a philosophy. When it went to Rome, it became an organization. In Europe, it became a culture. When it came to America, it became a business.”  my friend Russ Pierson (who has started a world traveling … Continue reading

Notes from the Future

I have recently moved to Southern California (from the Pacific Northwest and the NorthEastern United States before that) and I have been thinking  about a theme that I wrote about in my master thesis.  First a story . My nephew and I went to church our first week here. We were two of the five … Continue reading

Emerging Complexity

This was something that I wrote for the  Everyday Theology podcast. I thought that it fit here. Things are necessarily complicated. That is why simple answers often don’t satisfy. This is especially true when it comes to human concerns: sociology, relationships, family systems, psychology etc. I listened to a presentation the other day that was … Continue reading

>Emergence: Richard Rohr, Phyllis Tickle, and Peter Walker

>Fr. Rohr has been talking this week about Emergence and Emergence Christianity He says one day: … I predict, with some historical certainty, this judgmental  thinking will continue to happen in every group, in every denomination if we  see everything with a dualistic mind.   No new emerging church will emerge very far. The judgmental mind … Continue reading