Posted in May 2010

>Emerging Complexity

>Things are necessarily complicated. That is why simple answers often don’t satisfy. This is especially true when it comes to human concerns: sociology, relationships, family systems, psychology etc. I listened to a presentation the other day that was anti-hunting. I tried to listen with an open mind but I kept coming back to the thought … Continue reading

>Feedback on the Weakness of God

>Sometimes you have to start in the middle. So here is the definition of the weakness of God that we ‘ended’ up with.Then we will go back to a few weeks ago when we were working it out.We will end where we started (the middle) with this definition againand then I will propose something new … Continue reading

>Who Gets In ?

>They say to never judge a book by it’s cover. And this is true. Sometimes the cover is completely underwhelming for the quality of what is inside. Other times the cover is seemingly the best part. I have read two book in the last 5 years that were both wonderful and I think that their … Continue reading