Posted in December 2009

>Praying to a God who isn’t There

>I wanted to follow up on last week’s podcast “the three gods we pray to” because some of the feedback that I got said that I just wasn’t specific enough. Listen to the POD here : EveryDay Link Not wanting to use labels: One of the things that makes being specific difficult is that I … Continue reading

>3 Gods we Pray to

>Since I am just getting started over here on Blogger – I thought that I would transfer over one blog a day from my site. If I do one a day, I can get them lined up. I have had the privilege that I get to hear a lot of people talk about prayer. Whether … Continue reading

>Did that Elephant say Merry Christmas?

>I thought it would be fun to share one of the Christmas messages I preached on the podcast.[PODcast Here] In case anyone wanted to chat about it, I have put a short set of bullet points here. Trying to explain our holiday celebrations to someone from outer space or from a foreign land who had … Continue reading