Big Ideas

My passion is to engage the Christian tradition, explore contemporary thought, and integrate them where possible – so that the church is empowered in its local community to express that which alone can  … and the world so desperately needs. 

We live in a world that is changing radically. So we want to engage in a  conversation in that place where content meets context

These are conversation starters with a lens that is progressive, emerging, innovative and thoughtful.

None of us want to bogged down in the ‘argument culture’ so the desire is for a voice that  is positive about the changes and possibilities we are in the midst of. It is not full of criticism or critique but a hopeful presentation of what can be by looking at what currently is and some of the history that led up to here.

We challenge the status quo but with the optimistic question of what can be and beg of it to supply us with what we need in the days that we find ourselves.

The advantage to the post-modern approach is that it acknowledges a multiplicity of possibilities. There is more than one way to approach an issue and how you start often impacts where you end.  This asks us to see where we might start, how we might go and where we can end up.  New days, new questions, new possibilities, new tools and new conclusions are just part of picture.

Some  ideas that  come up over and over again in the conversation:

I believe in necessary Complexity. Things are not simple. Simple Dualisms have never really worked that well – but they really fall short in the world we live in now.

God tells stories.  Narrative is God’s way of communicating. Jesus told stories. The Bible is a story.  Life is more than bullet points. Faith is more than propositions and formulas.  The way that we talk and live should reflect this universal nature.

The way we think about something often dictates what we think about it.
The ideas and words we use to frame and process are powerful. This involves word pictures, metaphors, vocabulary and illustrations.

We don’t live in a 3 tiered universe. We have been beyond the clouds and have seen out into space. This old concept of the Cosmos, along with so many other ideas, needs to be rethought in light of new scholarship and science.
Many ideas and frameworks were borrowed from Greek philosophy. We are in the process of separating out what is true in our tradition from those old ideas and theories that have  classically been woven into Orthodoxy.

The world religions grew up in relative isolation from each other. We are in the midst of a inter-National, trans-Cultural and multi-Racial world changing era of transformation.
The challenge is to re-interpret, re-envision and re-invigorate our unique heritage and tradition in light of this new day. The process is being undertaken all over the world by people of every stripe, color and generation in every Religion and Denomination.

Emergence Theory is a  helpful way to understand and participate in the conversation of our day.  As we grow suspicious of Top Down – Hierarchical – Institutional models and their Mechanistic methods and metaphors.
The schools of thought that end up with pictures of God as a blind Watchmaker, cruel Puppet Master,   absent Land Lord, divine Trickster or Chess Player playing both sides of the board ask to be reevaluated.  There are somethings that we have been told about God that do not come from the narrative of Scripture. We are asking where those come from, how they got such a stronghold on our thinking and if we want/need them anymore.

I am not advocating a new type of Christianity,
                            I am acknowledging that  Christianity is always being made new.

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